Facing your own battle

Have you encountered to be trapped in your own battle? When I say “battle”, I am referring to the struggles we encounter on our day to day living. Each person has its own struggles or challenges, no one is exempted to this rule. In light of our divine grace, there are (3) types of struggles that a person encounters in life: (1) Human works, (2) Inner struggle, and (3) Outer Struggle. (Source: christianblog.com).

In life, we deal with different kinds of people. Sometimes, whenever we encounter a challenge from work, family or in a community, we tend to focus on ourselves first. Why? Because our mind is very vulnerable to be tempted by the works of the enemy. As humans, we make mistakes, we have our own shortcomings and I admit that I myself am not perfect. Who else does? Only God alone is perfect.

Our thoughts are very powerful…. Are you aware of that? Whenever we torture ourselves of what we unintentionally did to a person, that is the work of the enemy. If we try to remain selfless, they cannot touch us. We must only focus on the love of God. If you have experienced to be criticized, they are just focused on what you did wrong. When that happens, we just need to contemplate and ask for strength.

Photo credit: King James Bible Online
Photo credit: King James Bible Online

We must always put God first above everything else. When we place him above everything, love comes out naturally. Why is that? Because God is love. Love is giving, Love does not keep a record of wrong doings and Love does not focus on personal gain. Whenever we are in pain, just hold on to Him and He will protect you. He will never leave our side. When we get distracted we have to firmly hold our faith unto Him.

Whenever we get criticized, all we have to do is pray for them. When we feel that we have done something unintentional that have hurt others, we must have the courage to make peace with that person. That is the work of love. Our God doesn’t play favorites. He has given us gifts to do exactly the work he called us to do.

It is hard to give love to others if we are in pain. We have to seek the love of God in order to give love back to others. Making ourselves right and others wrong is not the works of our creator. Whenever we have an unclean heart we just have to surrender it to Him because he loves us despite of our wrong doings.

My dear friends, allow me to take part of the struggles that we encounter each day. As we travel along, let us hold one another whenever we face a challenge. We can work hand in hand to bring forth light to others who are in darkness and let us walk with them towards the end of the tunnel.

Dear God, thank you for loving us unconditionally despite of our wrong doings.  Forgive us if we have hurt our brothers and sisters.  I pray for the people who are persecuting us, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.  Allow your divine light to shine upon those who are in their darkest moments.  Forgive their sins and help them to rise up and fulfill the desire to proclaim the good news.  Through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you forever and ever.  Amen.