10 Tips for First Time Hikers

Mountain climbing is one of my bucket list of things to do.  I didn’t realize that I can be able to fulfill it with the help of a dear friend named Tin, she is 10 years younger than me but she is very mature for her age.


Climbing the mountain for me at first I thought was easy. As I go on walking, I am starting to enjoy the activity because I am so excited and enthusiastic to see what is the feeling to be on top of the hill. Then as we elevated slowly, I can feel my knees and thighs hurting. I started to apply these 10 learnings:

1. Take one step at a time
2. Never look back
3. Don’t lose hope
4. Imagine that you are almost there
5. Don’t envy others if they are much stronger than you
6. Be patient
7. Tell yourself “I can do this” all the time especially when your body starts to hurt
8. Get up when you fall
9. Just keep walking


I had a lot of realizations after that experience. I felt God’s presence when I reached the top. The view was spectacular! All the pain was worth it. I remember the quote that was mentioned from the movie “Peaceful Warrior”…. The journey is all that matters not the destination. One of the things that I have learned from this experience, we must feel the pain in order to shape our character. In short “No pain No gain”.  I will never forget this memorable experience.  This trip contributed a lot to my personal character.  I was able to gain new friends and gained a lot of wisdom as well.  I never thought that I could be able to climb a mountain. My parents kept on telling me that I can’t do it or I must take it easy because of my brain surgery history. I became too afraid to go out from my comfort zone because of that. As years have passed, I kept on thinking what if I try to give it a shot?

Friend, if you are suffering right now, pain is only temporary…. You will make it through if you just believe in yourself that you can surpass all trials to what life can bring.  Just have faith and I promise everything is worth it…. Life is all worth it!


Kindly click on this link if you want to know how to plan your day hike going to this place.