Intuitive soul

Do you have the ability to sense if the person who was introduced to you can do good to your life?  This applies when you choose your friends, business partner, and most especially…. a lifetime partner.

If you’ll ask me… I could say YES.  I always turn my intuitive switch mode ON whenever I meet a person.  Some might say… “Aren’t you being judgmental?” Well… you might be correct but this is not about judging others.  This is about a feeling of belongingness.

What you feel is your intuition.  Not all intuitions are accurate.  For example, if you feel uncomfortable to the person you have just met… there is a warning sign that goes up to our brains that says, “Be careful.”  That is a good sign because it can save you for a possible heartache or any kind of trouble.  This feeling is correct most of the time.  You can develop your intuition by applying it to your daily routine.

Not all people has this ability.  As for myself, my intuitive sense developed when I reached my 30s.  I never went wrong after I developed that sense.  What can I advice?  You can start by mastering all your senses.  You have to be sensitive to the movements of the person in front of you.  You may ask questions about the person’s likes and dislikes, family background or what the person does for a living.  This kind of sense can be a big help on your career especially when you are into sales or leading your own company.

You may attend workshops or read books about this topic as I am not an expert on this.  I only speak through my own experience.  You may also go to my cousin’s website (Her name is Kat John) at  Remember, this sense takes a lot of time to develop.  Always practice and be patient with yourself.  Once you finally develop yourself, it can be a great asset to your spiritual health.


Stillness Speaks

Have you ever felt to be worn out? Have you felt so tired from the demands of everyday living? Let us be still and allow the stillness to speak itself.

imageWhenever I am caught up in a place wherein I felt worthless, I look for a peaceful place where I can gather all my thoughts. While I was waiting for my mom, I passed by the cemetery where my dad is buried. I know that a cemetery is a place for the dead and definitely unpleasant. I don’t know the reason, but I just find the place so relaxing whenever I spend time beside my Dad’s grave. The smell of the green grass calms my mind and helps me connect with the person who created everything that my eyes can see. As I see the different creatures flying around and crawling underneath the ground, I cannot contain myself not to be in awe with the greatness of what God has created. Being still helps us hear beyond our expectations. As I observe all the living creatures around, I asked myself, “If he spent time producing these tiny animals, what more how he took the time to mold every part of our system?”

Whenever I see this place, I would compare myself to these people lying underneath the ground “Nakakainggit naman sila dahil wala na silang problema at nanahimik na.”  (I envy these people because they don’t have problems and they are now peaceful.).  As I reflect on my life in this place, I started thanking God that I am still alive. I am grateful for the pain that I am feeling as of the moment. I look forth to more challenges to what life can bring. I want to inspire and bless people who will cross my path through my story. So that at the final stage of this journey, I will have the courage to face our creator and say…… “My Lord, Thank you for the gift of life!”

Sometimes, we have to consider what we can and cannot perform. We have to know our boundaries because life is supposed to be simple. Whenever we are strained from tasks, we have to consider our own wellness. If we are not happy with what we are practicing, we have to be still and reflect.  Life is too short to dwell on complaints. Our creator wants us to be delightful when serving because at the end of the day it is only between you and Him not your boss or your neighbor. If things do not work out as we expect it to be, then let it be. I know it is very easy to say, well in fact it is that simple.  My friend, this is just to remind you that it is alright to stop and reflect. Let us reevaluate our own self and prioritize what is most important in our lives.

Dear God, thank you for all the graces that you have given us.  Show us your divine light to see what your eyes can see.  Allow your spirit to remove all the pain inside our hearts and let your light shine upon thee.  Amen.