About the Author

Photo Credit: Raphael Maglonzo

My name is Mackie Maglonzo, I am a writer, church servant and entrepreneur.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog articles.  What made me decide to establish a blog page?  As some of you may know, I am a brain tumor survivor, I faced a lot of trials and pains as I go through my early stage of adult life.  The wisdom in my heart slowly grew as I age.  In an instant I told myself that I want to share the grace and blessings I received from our creator.  A friend told me that I should start to write entries and establish my own blog site.  Then here you are, the dream that was just a thought came into reality.

As we get along, I hope that I can be able to contribute happiness when your soul is worn out.  Join me as I travel back in time and be with me as we laugh and cry through the process.  I will be looking forward to your comments on my entries and let us enjoy and savor the obstacles of life!


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