Breakthrough (Movie Review)

I’m going to share with you my reaction to this movie that I just watched last weekend.  It was just an ordinary afternoon for me, as I was browsing my phone, I found a trailer on YouTube that caught my attention.  The title of the movie is “Breakthrough”.  It is an inspirational movie that was initially released at St. Louis Hospital (USA) dated March 20, 2019 then officially released on US cinemas dated April 17, 2019 (source:

The movie is based on a true story about a young boy named John Smith that was adopted by Joyce and Brian Smith.  Main scene of this movie was when John and his friends fell on the ice on a frozen lake.  Among the 3 boys that fell on the lake, only John got trapped underwater.  John continues to fight for his life while her parents believed especially her mom that he will recover.  Their faith remained strong together with their pastor (Jason) and friends who prayed for a miracle.

At the first part of the movie, John (Adopted child of Joyce and Brian Smith) is questioning why his biological mom didn’t want him.  His relationship with his parents is awkward as he faces struggles growing up as a teenager.


The scene where the 3 boys went out to the frozen lake has gotten my attention.  The neighbor warned them to stay out of the lake because it is dangerous.    The boys ignored the man and continued to play around.  Suddenly, my heart jumped when the ice cracked and the boys fell on the water.  The 2 boys managed to go to the surface while John was left unconscious under the water for 15 mins.


There were 2 rescuers who dived unto the water to do a search for John.  I felt anxious when the rescuers couldn’t find John and almost gave up.  Amazingly, Tommy (rescuer) heard a voice that said, “go back!”  After he heard that voice, he was able to find the body of John and managed to lift him up.


My eyes were all in tears as the mother was holding the boy’s hand as if it were her real child.  In this scene from the movie, I came to realize that anyone can be a mother to a child who needs love.

One scene that has touched my heart when people all together prayed for the boy.  I can feel the pain of his parents while the boy is struggling after the doctors removed the machine attached to John’s body.

One scene left me in wonder when John’s teacher asked, “Why God chooses to save some and not others?”.  I questioned my existence in an instant.

I was dumbfounded by John’s answer.  He said, “I don’t know….. but a great teacher once told me, ‘Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose’”.  Wow that left me speechless!

God is just waiting for us to let go of our fears and doubts.  I always tell this to my readers several times because we have the tendency to forget.  That’s alright, God loves us despite our shortcomings.  I also learned that love is the greatest force in this world.  If your heart is full of hatred, life can be so tough.

Friends, we can all be a miracle in our own little way.  We don’t need to experience a near death situation.  By simply being kind to the people we encounter is a miracle.  Letting go of the grudge we have kept for so long is a miracle.  Anything that transforms us to be like Jesus is a miracle.

My friends, let me pray for you….

Dear God, thank you for the gift of Life.  Thank you for giving us hope each time we wake up.  Thank you for the breath of life.  We are nothing without you.  Use us to fulfill your will.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

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