The ‘Undo’ Button

Among all the commands in any program, the Undo command is my favorite. Why? Because you have the chance to correct your mistake and pretend it didn’t happen.

Manual Typewriter
Image A

When I recall the times when I was using a typewriter, oh my! All my Term Papers were a mess! My paper is always full of corrector fluids (There is no such thing as a corrector tape back then) and I will end up with a grade of C because of all the erasures hahaha.

Electric Typewriter
Image B

Then the electric typewriter came. I was so amazed when I saw it from my classmate. At that time, it was very expensive, so only a few people can afford it. If you have one, you are one of the cool dudes in class because it means you are rich! For the millennials out there, let me share you the wonders of an electric typewriter.

Image B-1
black ribbon
Image A-1

The difference between manual (refer to image A) and electric typewriter (refer to image B) is that in Electric Typewriter it has black and white ribbon in one set (refer to image B-1) while the manual only has 1 color which is black (refer to image A-1) or sometimes you have the choice to get the black and red ribbon in 1 set (refer to image A-2).

red and blk
Image A-2

Too bad I won’t be able to show you our vintage typewriter because we have disposed it ever since the mighty computer and printers were invented.  Luckily, I searched on google some images of this antique machine and I found the exact machine that we’ve had way back in the 80s. (Refer to Image A)

Anyway, what makes this electric typewriter so special? You can be able to correct your mistake! All you have to do is just press the backspace then click the white ribbon switch button then after that, you need to press the letter that you want to erase… then voila! The letter is gone! Amazing right?!  We were so grateful with this machine back in the 80s (Oops now you will know how old I am now hahaha).

There came a lot of versions of this type machine. Maybe I will discuss that on my next coming articles.

If you are curious on how complicated our life was in using this machine you may go to

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So the computer era came. I can fully recall the time when we had our first computer, Oh man! Our monitor and CPU is so heavy, the weight is unbearable! We need a macho man to carry it for us. Funny isn’t it?!

In this machine we have to memorize a lot of codes. There is a code when opening a specific program. That is the beauty of an old machine, they make things complicated for its users (eh?).

Then as years go by, the computer age has developed. Internet has been a life to all of us no exceptions on that. We can’t live without it. I am very happy that I can write my articles for my website through my mobile phone. I used to bring my laptop everywhere I go back then. Whoever invented a smartphone, I thank God that he created you and you have my respect 🙏

What is my point of all these techie stuff?

Did you notice that I just started with the Undo Button then the rest follows?

Most of the people my age or older than me would say, “We wish to bring back the good old days where everything is so simple.” Or “I wish we have an ‘Undo’ button wherein we can erase all the mistakes and wrong choices that we had and just simply correct it”.

If you will ask me, I am happy with the Life that God has given me. With all the decisions that I made for the past 38 years, I never regretted it. I never blamed God that he diagnosed me with a Brain Tumor. I never regretted that I chose to work in a non-profit organization. I never regretted that I chose to work afterwards as a freelance real estate agent and pursue my passion in writing. I never blamed God that I am not as strong as the others whenever I climb mountains.


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My friend, if you feel life has turned its back on you, always remember that God never fails to love you. He knows the desires of your heart, all you must do is surrender your life to him. Why?  Because he created you, he knows every detail of you.

Once we do that, we won’t need to press the ‘Undo’ button ever again.

Dear God, I thank you for the Life you have given me.  Send me with the gift of wisdom and knowledge to understand your plan for my life.  Protect my mind from negative thoughts.  Help me to appreciate life as the day goes by.  Give me the courage to rise up whenever I make a mistake.  Never leave nor forsake me O God.  I am nothing without you.  Amen.