Finding your purpose

Do we sometimes ask ourselves…. How can I be able to contribute to this World? I frequently ask that question to myself and it took me several years in searching for that purpose. I remember i have been reading the book of Eckhart Tolle…. “A New Earth – Awakening to your life’s purpose”. I read that book way back 2009 and I was 28 years old back then. My classmate from grad school saw me reading it and I remember the exact words he said, “You don’t know your purpose? That is so silly!” I admit, at that age, I still can’t find my self worth. I have been reading that book many times but the words doesn’t sink deeply inside my heart. Year 2014 came, I suddenly felt the strength to express myself to the world. I said to myself, one day I am going to be an author. It didn’t stop from there, I faced a lot of challenges after I said that. I had this battle going on at the back of my mind which tells me, “You can’t be an author! You don’t know how to write! Your english teachers from high school are giving you a grade of C and you tell yourself that you want to write your own book? Get real Mackie!” Those were the horrible words that came to my mind. I had my own enemy inside of me. It was those words that placed my dreams on hold for a long period of time.

Sometimes we tend to get tired and stressed with our everyday routine. With all the struggles that we encounter, sometimes we forget to ask for God’s guidance. We forget to call unto him because our mind is too preoccupied with all the worries of our everyday living. My friend, I am here to remind you the verse from the book of Matthew:

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He has been waiting for you all this time. It is time to take the moment to catch up with Him. Forget about all your worries and be silent for awhile.  You will feel His presence in the silence of your heart and mind.  No words needed to be spoken because He knows what is inside your heart.  It is ok to cry…. It is ok to be weak because we are human.  Once you receive His grace, He will give you the strength to stand up once again and continue your main purpose in this life. My friend, continue to be a blessing to the people that surrounds you most especially to your family. Never take them for granted because they are God’s gift to us.

3 thoughts on “Finding your purpose

  1. Have you ever been in a situation that you thought you finally found your purpose and all of a sudden your world goes upside down and you end up starting another world? And you ask God WHY ME?

    Permit me to share some of those moments. Back in my college days in Ateneo I wanted to join the AMA (Ateneo Management Association) which was the student organization for Business Management students. And when I joined it, I wanted to become an officer. Little did I know that you have to be at least one year residence of the organization. This rule I questioned and even argued with the officers back then but to no avail.

    Since I knew nothing will come out of my protest, I decided to start my own student organization together with Oscar Pobre and Tom Barrameda who were graduating at that time. We started “IBA” (Interschool Business Association). On our first year, we were able to get Maryknoll College to join IBA and had three major projects namely: the Job Placement, Souvenir Drive and Medical Mission. It wasn’t an easy task starting an organization and coming up with three major event. We started out with just our allowances to finance the organization. But with God’s help was able to raise quire a capital to sustain the two projects. After the end of my term, we were able to place about 50 to 100 blue collar workers in decent paying jobs.

    We were having quite an adventure running the organization but time is up and we had to graduate. We wanted to continue with setting up the IBA Alumni and we were starting to but events in my life happened and was not able to continue doing it.

    That’s when I got married. I had a very controversial marriage. In short it was suppose to be a Jimenez and Gutierrez wedding and I was the only Jimenez at that wedding. Since there was nothing left for me here I didn’t hesitate to say yes when Pressy said that she was being offered to be the Country Manager for the San Francisco Trade House and had to leave for the US and start anew. We spent our 20+ years career in the US and had Jamey. Again, I thought we will settle there for good but things happened and here I am again, back to square one.

    When we were brought back by the Lord here, it wasn’t easy and on hindsight, this was his way of letting us know “who is in charge” and to trust him for he will prepare you for greater events in your life.

    I decided to become a Christian Living Teacher at Veritas. And yes, even though the pay wasn’t exactly what I was getting back in the US, I felt more fulfilled. I now have the opportunity to touch the lives of young people and make a big difference. I have seen 4 batches graduate already. And they still are in touch and tell me how grateful they are being one of my students.

    After hearing what I have done for Veritas Fr. has asked me to start the PCJ YOUTH BEC and it wasn’t an easy task. After three year, and just when I was getting “comfy” with them, Fr.calls me in and asked me to be the PCJ PPC Head. A much bigger responsibility and involves touching the lives of the PCJ Community! So this is my latest mission in life. I feel like Tom Cruise in the movie “Mission Impossible” always going into a mission impossible in life.

    Looking at all this, here are some lessons I have learned 1)God always prepares you for greater things (missions in life); 2) life is exciting and is constantly changing; 3) always be ready to “let go” (except God) and lastly; 4) ENJOY LIFE God only gave us ONE!


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