Confessions of a Single Lady

Celebrating-the-Contribution-OthersHow are you? Have you asked yourself lately …… how is your heart and mind right now? When was the last time you heard that question? Is it from a friend? Your family? Parents? Whoever that person is, for sure there is a reason behind that question. It can be how are you…. Are you stressed? Or it can be…. How are you…. Are you happy? Most questions I usually get these days were…. How are you Mackie…. Are you still SINGLE? Whenever I here that question, I would say at the back of my mind…. “Ok, I have been hearing that question again and again and I am tired of answering those.” I responded in a polite way. What I would do is smile and respond with, “I am single and happy!”

I think it is already in our culture that one person is supposed to or must be married. In my point of view, being married is a choice, it is a calling. Not all people are intended to be married.  I met a young lady recently, she shared her life as a married woman.  She wished that she did not rushed things to get married at an early stage in her 20s.  She felt that her life is overthrown everytime she sees her spouse.  After hearing those words from her, I suddenly told myself, “Gosh, I’m so blessed that I am not in her situation, thank you God!”. I began to be thankful of my status right now.  Well, that doesn’t mean that I will start hating men just because one woman said that being married is like being punished. It is our choice to feel bad, it is our choice to be in a situation where we are today.  No one is to be blamed if we are not happy because we have the control to make decisions on how we respond in a certain situation.

Do you believe that our creator is using us to be a blessing to others? If your answer is yes, same here.  When we pray, I believe that He sends out the Holy Ghost to the person who can be a blessing to us. Have you experienced that? There are moments that we don’t obviously see it but it happens. Whenever I feel down, I will automatically silently pray in our adoration chapel beside our parish church. You know what happens afterwards? When I went out of the prayer room, all the people that I needed to see were there to give me advices on what to do. It was an amazing feeling! Isn’t God amazing?

Friends, let me say a prayer for you:

“Dear God, thank you for using me to be a blessing for those who are way down. Strengthen my heart to be able to rise up whenever I fall rock bottom.  I believe that you have created us in your own image and likeness and you have the power to bless us with the gift of wisdom and a loving heart.  Bless the person who is reading my article now. I believe that there are no accidents because everything happens for a reason.  If only we realize that your unconditional love can fill our empty hearts then this planet will be the happiest place to live in. Amen.”

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Single Lady

  1. bea alonzo said… she learn to be happy even she is by herself…means were not supposed to depend our happiness being with someone….God has a purpose in our lives and everything happens for a reason……God bless and have a nice day Mackie…….

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  2. We are who we are based on the choices we make in life. Is there some kind of a formula? The better questions is there a higher being that guides us in all of our choices? For me there is and He is my Lord.

    There are times in my life that the choices that he presents are difficult choices and at times I tried running away. But if you follow Him and listen to His voice, you will surely become a better person.

    And He sends His Holy Spirit to guide us and places people around us to help us go through difficult choices. And in the end you become a blessings to others.

    So Mackie continue to be a blessing to the people that God has placed in your life and rest assured you are not alone in this life.

    Be a blessings to others and keep on smiling.

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